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Better Pay Attention to These Folks: Most Jobs Come From Gazelles

Why we do awards programs At the Tech Council, one of most important responsibilities we have is to help a range of constituencies understand the complex yet critical need to support development of an innovation eco-system in Connecticut. The goal is to make it possible for us to be the home of fast growing technology firms, especially start-ups. High growth firms are the only way we can reliably create jobs.

All of this leads us to producing events such as this week’s Marcum Tech Top 40 .  By celebrating those tech companies that are doing very well – just as we recognized firms last month who are expected to be great successes in the future – we are pointing out the obvious fact that we can grow jobs in the state and that we can compete against any other location in the world.

This is the 14th year that CTC has produced an event to highlight which tech firms are objectively growing the fastest. It’s the third year we have done it in breakouts for each of the six key technology clusters – so small software firms are distinguished from more capital, intensive advanced manufacturers.

We are also saying to the companies themselves — some of which may be known to state leaders while others on the list fly under the radar — we appreciate your excellence and we hope to have others emulate you. Also, if you need help you have someone you can call.

It’s also important – though it may seem trivial in a state as small as ours – that all elements of the technology support community come together a few times (at least) a year to meet each other and to see the role models that the Tech Top 40 winners represent. 

A recent publication by the prestigious Council on Competitiveness points to the key role of regional collaborations – often led by nongovernmental groups (NGOs) such as the Tech Council in fostering America’s ability to compete by support technology development.  

Our congratulations to the 40 fastest growing firms in the state, and our thanks also go to the many people who helped them get there. Please join us on October 28 to see what this is all about.

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