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Aerospace Manufacturing in Greater Hartford CT – CCAT Training Grant Announcement – $300

The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) has been awarded a two year implementation grant from Workforce Solutions Collaborative of Metro Hartford in the amount of $300,000 to administer the ADVANCE Initiative.  Read the full press release on CCAT's website at:  Formal announcement to come at 11am, 2/12/2010, at CCAT's offices with featured speaker: John Larson


The ADVANCE Training Grant Program will coordinate with ongoing programs and services of partner organizations to create a comprehensive approach to meeting the workforce needs of aerospace manufacturing companies and the career advancement potential and development of those industry workers.  This dual customer approach will result in a stable, educated skilled workforce in a key manufacturing sector and enhance regional economic competitiveness.  The Initiative will provide funding to qualified companies for employee training programs as well as link participating employees to available community support resources.  The program will assess what skills are necessary to grow the business and propel workers upwards on the career ladder.  The company can then apply to CCAT for funding through the ADVANCE Initiative to implement the training programs.

Among other requirements, qualifying companies include those that operate aerospace manufacturing companies in one of 57 towns in the Greater Hartford area. The initiative will focus on helping companies grow to create increased opportunities for employee progression and provide employees with additional skills needed to take on new responsibilities.

“It is imperative to continue to brainstorm creative and unique solutions to workforce development issues; especially in the current environment of economic downturn,” commented Elliot Ginsberg, President and CEO of CCAT, “The ADVANCE Training Grant Program provides a creative answer by looking at a workforce as a whole, not just on an individual basis.  I am thrilled that CCAT has the opportunity to implement this program and I am confident it will present successful and quantifiable results.”

CCAT is currently accepting grant applications.

ABOUT CCAT The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) helps private and public entities to apply innovative tools and practices to increase efficiencies, improve workforce development and boost competitiveness. CCAT functions as a unique economic development organization that combines expertise in cutting-edge technology with specialized centers of excellence in manufacturing, education, training, energy, and entrepreneurialism. Throughout these efforts, we promote partnership between industry, academia, and government to create a new collaborative framework for addressing 21st-century economic challenges.

ABOUT Workforce Solutions Collaborative of Metro Hartford Workforce Solutions Collaborative of Metro Hartford is a private/public partnership of organizations committed to a long-term, educated, economically self-sufficient workforce with skills needed by area employers. Investors include Capital Workforce Partners, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Nutmeg Foundation, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut and National Fund for Workforce Solutions.

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