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Yale Spinout BeCaid LLC Joins CTech Incubator

Rocky Hill, Conn., May 11, 2011 – Connecticut Innovations (CI), the states quasi-public authority responsible for technology investing and innovation development, today announced that BeCaid LLC has become the fourth associate member of CTech@Science Park at Yale. Nine early-stage businesses focused on information technology and medical devices now occupy this 4,000 s.f., New Haven-based technology business incubation facility managed by CI. Associate membership at CTech@Science Park at Yale offers the ultimate flexibility in use of the facility. Associate members benefit not only from use of CTechs business resources but also from interactions with other entrepreneurs at CTech.

BeCaid intends to market science-based, Web-delivered brain development programs that are integrated with physical exercise. The initial product is designed to improve the learning ability of elementary school children and also promises to have value in identifying and treating children with ADHD. The companys first set of computer games incorporates physical exercises with cognitive functions, automatically adjusting the difficulty to the capability of the child and providing real-time corrective messaging and online error diagnostics for the child and teacher. This enables the teacher to provide further individualized instruction.

“Being in an environment with other startups facing similar issues inspires our team, and we have already benefitted significantly from the advice and support of service providers who are part of the CTech program.”
                                                – Kenneth Coleman, BeCaid CEO

Read the whole press release here

Learn more about BeCaid LLC and their brain training technology.

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