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Thank You for Supporting: Angel Investment Tax Credit and Fund, Pre-Seed Center, Venture Capital

Dear Connecticut Technology Community leader,

I’m writing to give a well-earned thank you to those of you who helped on Friday with an email to your Connecticut legislators. Your support helped reinforce our position, and with a good discussion we had with legislators and staff we appear to have made it through the crucial Senate Finance committee.

As the legislative session continues, we’re hoping to be able to mobilize good grass roots company leader support at different times for positions that will be good for the Connecticut technology community. This will likely involve more such requests in the next two weeks to you for support. I hope that when you agree with our position you will take the small amount of time required to use our capwiz system to send out an email to your legislators. We’re only starting to explore the impact this may have, but ultimately the legislature wants to serve the expressed needs of its constituents, and so your reinforcement of specific positions is crucial to our success and also crucial to Connecticut’s success.

I think you will also find that your willingness to reach out and communicate with your representatives will serve two others good objectives:

  1. it will help you get to know your legislators a little better, for your potential future interests, and

  2. it will help your legislators get to know you a little better, which will also serve you while reinforcing Connecticut’s need to recognize that the State has a key interest in your ability to create new jobs.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Matt Nemerson The Connecticut Technology Council

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