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Online Networking – the softest handshake of all

Of course face-to-face meetings are still the #1 way to make a real connection/friendship/partnership. There is nothing like an in-person meeting, but then, followed up by online contact – the new friendship is cemented.  The right combination of the online and face-to-face networking is the key.

CTC has an online network for CT technology professionals – this type of defined group creates a comraderie, a built-in connection for all who are part of it.  As the administrator of the group, I guard the membership and purpose of the group – hoping to maintain the relevancy for all.  What I see is that the most active people on the site are those that are active on the ground too.  It is thrilling to see those who meet briefly at an event continue the meetup online and develop the connection.  It is real.

We are all trying to figure it out….

CTC is featuring 2 programs – Hartford and New Havefeaturing discussion around the topic of Business Opportunities from Social Networking Platforms – how to use and leverage the new social networking tools (LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Ning, Twitter, etc.) to identify important contacts, make new connections and identify business opportunities.

<a href=”;ID=2458″>The Technology of Serendipity: Social Networking -November 19, 2008 from 5pm to 7pm – Science Park</a>

<a href=”;ID=2628″>Using Web Social Networking Tools to Create Business Opportunity- November 20, 2008</a> from 5:30pm to 7:30pm – Shipman &amp; Goodwin, 1 Constitution Plaza, Hartford

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