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Massachusetts releases its “2011 Index of the Massachusetts Innovation Economy”

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative’s John Adams Innovation Institute has released its 2011 Index of the Massachusetts Innovation Economy, an annual review of the Commonwealth’s high-tech economy through 25 indicators. Each year, the index tracks Massachusetts’ progress in these indicators, along with comparisons to other U.S. states and national economies. In addition to Massachusetts, the 2011 edition provides indicator data for comparison from seven leading technology states, including California, Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Highlights from the 25 indicators include Industry cluster employment and wages, patenting activity, R&D performed, business formation, funding for R&D, and talent flow and attraction.

Massachusetts’ innovation once again ranks impressively next to its benchmark state and national economies, though the report notes that several indicators have had a downward trend over the past few years. The state leads the U.S. in per capita venture capital and SBIR awards, but that lead has shrunk since 2000. Employment in the state increasingly has become concentrated in key innovation sectors, and maintained its high rate of entrepreneurship activity throughout the recession. Massachusetts must now find ways to better fund higher education and get its students interested in STEM fields.

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