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Innovation@Work with host, Pitney Bowes

A gaggle of exciting smaller firms met with Pitney Bowes Senior Team at our latest Innovation@Work day

One of the most exciting opportunities for a small firm is to find out what a global technology giant really thinks about them. 19 firms from Connecticut and around the country had that opportunity two weeks ago at Pitney Bowes’s Stamford world HQ. 

Based on an RFP created by Pitney Bowes’s innovation leadership team that was distributed to tech Councils in the U.S. and Canada who are member of TECNA, a trade association of tech councils currently run by CTC’s Matthew Nemerson, some twenty firms were selected by Pitney Bowes senior management to spend the day in Stamford, present, and talk to the PB staff.

Some of the firms will be called back for future meetings and the hope is that contracts, acquisitions and shared technology projects may all flow from the efforts. 

The next Innovation@Work meeting will be planned for the Spring.

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