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Great Energy & Ideas at Startup Weekend: Storrs, 1/27/2012


Congratulations to PlatForum, Sobrio, and MailStack who tied for 1st Place at the inaugural Startup Weekend Storrs event! Honorable mention when to KidETA for most promising service to the community, and Life Raver for best name.

There were many terrific startup ideas presented, and many potential businesses in the pipeline. We look forward to seeing the success of groups move beyond this weekend.

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Top Winners:

platforum – A mobile app to consolidate the forum experience

Sobrio – A mobile match service linking drinkers and sober drivers Mailstack – A new way to organize your email inbox

Honorable Mention:

KidETA – A school bus location service using mobile crowdsourcing (for most promising service to the community) Life Raver – A website to help visitors to a city find the fun things that locals do (for best name)

Other Participants:

  1. Eldercare Compare

  1. Busses2

  2. CloudSort

  3. GrowPix

  4. Sitterverse

  5. LiveIt!

  6. Joy In A Glass

Thanks go to the:


  1. Kevin BouleyNerac

  2. Ira YellenFirst Experience Communications

  3. Mark Van AllenUConn R&D

  1. Ryan DuquesTutaPoint

  2. Bill KnightAdams & Knight

  3. Fred WergelesFred Wergeles & Associates LLC

Ted Ives

  1. John GiaccottoLion Leaf

  2. Rita ZangariUniversity of Connecticut Office of Tech Commercia

  3. Nick BerezaNE Computer Solutions

  4. Joe Wehr

  5. John ParkinsonParkinson Design


  1. Rich HollantAIGA Connecticut

  2. Kevin BouleyNerac

  3. Nat BrinnVital Financial, LLC

  4. Mary Anne RookeAIF & UConn Technology Incubator Program

  5. Danny BriereStartup Connecticut &


  1. Danny BriereMoxMe! and Startup Connecticut@startupct

Derek KochIndependent Software@derekkoch

  1. John ShemoMetroHartford Alliance@jjdangerously

  2. Eric KnightRemarkable Technologies, Inc.@i_eric

  3. Brien BuckmanFounderMatchUp@BrienBuckman

Christopher LevesqueUniversity of Connecticut, CCEI

  1. Mike RoerEntrepreneurship Foundation






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