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Global Consultant Returns to Connecticut to Report on Strength of State’s Global Economic Netw

Michael Gallis to speak at conference on investments and trends in healthcare, software and energy on June 22 at Yale Law School

HARTFORD, Conn. — Twelve years ago global strategic consultant Michael Gallis shocked state leaders with predictions that the lack of transportation investments meant the Hudson River would soon cut Connecticut off from economic growth on the U.S. “mainland.” Gallis’ epic Strategic Framework of 1999 predicted that a lack of urban critical mass would stifle real estate and business growth and that state educational priorities were drifting away from technology skills to more general pursuits. “Reform your ways or the global economic networks will gradually disappear from the state,” he cautioned. On June 22 at the Yale Law School, Gallis returns to give a report card on the state’s performance in fixing these areas and to provide an update on how the world situation has changed, requiring new strategies for the state government and business.

“Venture investors read Gallis’ work to understand the drivers for rapid growth or regional decline. Gallis sets the standard for enlightened planning, so we are excited to have him at the kick-off event for our four-part “Crossroad 2011 Series,” said Connecticut Venture Group Executive Director Liddy Karter.

The conference, entitled “Crossroads of Ideas and Capital: Vision 2015 in Healthcare, Software and Energy” will be held at the Law School of Yale University in New Haven Wednesday, June 22, from 3 -7 PM.

The business community – investors, corporate managers, and entrepreneurs – will hear how risk capital experts in the verticals of healthcare, software and energy view short and longer-term investment opportunities. CEOs of top growth firms’ top venture investors based in Connecticut will discuss the opportunities they see in state and elsewhere.

Gallis will reference the 1999 report to examine how the U.S., the Northeast and Connecticut have changed and prepared for the future. His report, The Connecticut Strategic Economic Framework led to the creation of the statewide Transportation Strategy Board and indirectly to $3.2 Billion allocated by the state for transportation plans.

Three prominent strategic thinkers: Fairfield Country Business Council CEO Chris Bruhl, Connecticut Technology Council Chairman Chris Kalish, and United Technologies Research Center Executive Director David Parekh will share their views of how the state has and can respond to Gallis’ recommendations. DECD Commissioner Catherine Smith will then square their vision with the new administration’s growth strategies.

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CVG sponsors for this event are: Connecticut Innovations, Fiondella Milone & LaSaracina, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Robinson & Cole, Shipman & Goodwin, Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, Webster Bank, Wiggin and Dana, Enhanced Capital Partners, Economic Development Corporation of New Haven, and Hartford Ventures.

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