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Connecticut IT Jobs Report April 2010

April 2010 Report:

More good news! In March, the IT job market in Connecticut continued to improve, with new openings exceeding February numbers by 9.4%.  Although new listings are primarily in the Financial Services and Healthcare industries,  high tech employers have begun to join in the trend.  Meanwhile, IT job growth continues in other states.   Download Skillproof IT Connecticut Report April 2010

Other reports seem to agree.  See below clips from this Associated Press article:

BOSTON (This region covers Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and part of Connecticut.) Business conditions improved. Retailers reported positive sales results and are cautiously optimistic about the outlook. Manufacturers saw improved demand for products, including furniture, fabricated metals, information technology equipment and electronics. Home prices appear to be improving with sales, while commercial real estate market appears to be stabilizing. Most New England employers are no longer shedding workers.

NEW YORK (This region covers New York and parts of Connecticut and New Jersey.) Economy has "strengthened noticeably," although hiring remains sluggish. Retailers reported improved sales. Tourism activity strengthened with Manhattan hotels reporting relatively brisk business and Broadway theaters reporting a "noticeable pickup" in ticket sales. Manufacturing activity has picked up. The housing market remains weak, although some improvements at the lower end of the market were noted. Commercial real-estate market was described as "steady to softer." Manhattan's office vacancy rate continued to climb.

When you go to the original sources and look at the numbers: The full picture for Connecticut is still one of a lot of pain for a lot of people.   See the full federal survey report at:

The report shows that Connecticut was among the states with statistically significant unemployment rate changes from March 2009 to March 2010, seasonally adjusted ————————————————————————-    |———–|———–| Over-the-year  State    |   March   |   March   | rate change(p)         |    2009   |  2010(p)  |     ————————————————————————- Connecticut …..| 7.7   | 9.2     |    1.5

Having  -30,600 fewer jobs from March 2009 to March 2010

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